Writing Ideas

Topoi for writing about Bourbon

Bartending–profiles, cocktails (recipes, histories, pairings—bar profile—what makes a Bourbon bar? What makes a non-Bourbon bar appealing to Bourbon aficionados), bar review, bourbon-infused edibles (ice cream, BBQ sauce, dishes at local restaurants), distillery reviews/guides/brochures, museum exhibit reviews and/or historical site reviews,  Bourbon chocolates (history, chocolatery profile)—Old Kentucky Chocolates , Ruth Hunt, travel guide to Distillery District where “history is brewing” (Goodfellow’s Bourbon bar, Middle Fork Kitchen Bar, Ethereal, Barrel House Distilling, Elkhorn Bar, Crank’n’Boom, the Burl Arcade),  Justin’s House of Bourbon, Distillery reviews—Barrel House, Old Pepper’s , Bluegrass Distilling, Town Branch, Woodford, Bourbon bars—Henry Clay’s Public House, Cole’s, ??, Whiskey Bear,  beer for bourbon lovers (reviews of local breweries beers—W. Sixth, Country Boy, Mirror Twin, Rockhouse, Ethereal, Blue Stallion)