This is course website for WRD 225: Craft Writing: Writing Bourbon/Rectifying Writing: The Kentucky Bourbon Industry in Context

Fall 2018: WRD 225: Writing Bourbon/Rectifying the Record: The Kentucky Bourbon Industry in Context
Professor: Dr. Janice W. Fernheimer,(jfernheimer [at] uky [dot] edu, http://www.fernheimer.org)
Class Times: Tues/Thurs., 11:00-12:15 Whitehall Classroom Bldg  209 LEC
Office hours: Patterson Office Tower 1303, Tues. 10:00-11 and by appointment.
Contacting Dr. Jan:  The best way to reach Dr. Jan is by email. Jfernheimer [at] uky [dot] edu or on Twitter @dancingdivala
Class Website:  http://wrd225.ferheimer.org  Class Hashtags:  #bourbonbackstory #bourbonwriting #wrd225

This course introduces students to Kentucky’s iconic Bourbon history and heritage and the many minorities—women, African Americans, Jews, and other ethnic immigrants who participated in its development.  Students will gain familiarity and practice in the genres of Bourbon writing. Additionally, students will be introduced to primary sources including the Kentucky Bourbon Tales and the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence Jewish Kentucky Bourbon oral history collections as well as the Schenley materials in UK’s Special Collections and Resources.

(Note: Uncle Nearest was the enslaved African American man who taught Jack Daniel how to distill, and Uncle Nearest 1856  was recently released to honor his legacy and contributions.  He was not the only African American who helped develop the Bourbons now beloved by people all over the world!  This is just one of the many “untold” Bourbon backstories we’ll learn more about in class.