Resume/Mission Statement Assignment due Aug. 30

WRD 225: Writing Bourbon/Rectifying the Record: The KY Bourbon Industry in Context
Professor Fernheimer


  • Assignment distributed 8/24
  • Assignment due 8/30
  • Instructor Feedback Distributed 9/6

The Basics
For this assignment you will create a one-page resume template aimed at employers who will be interested in your writing/research experiences and skills. The resume should include the following sections:

  • Objective or branding statement (note this is a pithier version of your mission statement described below)
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Related Skills
  • Activities and Achievements

In addition to this one page resume, you will write a 100-200 word mission statement for yourself and this class. In this statement you will identify areas of strength you already have, areas you’d like to develop and build, expertise you’d like to acquire (specific topics you want to learn about). Together, both parts of the assignment are worth a total of 5% of your final grade for this class.

The Rationale
The resume will form the template document that you will continue to revise as you successfully complete more courses in this area, developing special expertise as you go. It will help you apply for jobs and internships now and in the future.

These mission statements will help me guide you in identifying and adequately researching appropriate writing projects for this class.

These are also two “low-stakes writing assignments.” We are not spending time discussing design at this moment, so focus on providing audience-centered information in active voice, and having no type-os. We will talk about design later this semester, but I won’t take points off for that now.

Tips for Getting Started
Read through all the additional resources below, especially the very excellent materials from the Humboldt Career Center. UK also has a career center, and I encourage you to visit them, because I did not find as many online resources.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Follows directions well (includes all relevant sections, uses active voice)
  • Turned in on-time (electronically to Canvas using appropriate naming convention) and in printed hard copy.
  • Has NO type-os. (Most employers will simply toss a resume that has a type-o).

Additional Resources: